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Pro-Tek: History


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Pro-Tek: History

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24 january 2017

MaxAir has been supplying the body shop market with quality spray equipment at affordable prices since 1982. MaxAir paint guns were introduced in Europe in 1992 with considerable success. USA sales started in 2005 and have been increasing steadily as customers discover MaxAir paint guns.

MaxAir offers an extensive line of spray guns, including HVLP, LVLP, conventional, pressure, gravity and suction spray guns. A large offering of pressure tanks and undercoating systems are also available as are many accessories such as regulators, gun cleaning kits, cup strainers and paint shakers.

All MaxAir paint guns are waterborne compatible with stainless steel needle/nozzle/air cap sets and stainless steel fluid passages. Our new chrome finish makes for an easy clean up. Cost effective repair parts enhance long term affordability.



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